CMYK Adventures

Four Colors. Unlimited adventures.


CMYK Adventures

 We are a small independent comic publisher who's focus is on all ages quarterly comic books. 2016 is the Launch of the first part of Season 1 of the CMYK-A Universe. 

Four Colors. Unlimited Adventures.

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Scribe and the Infinite Scroll is a Comic Book Series

Created by Keith WTS Morris

Developed by Keith WTS Morris & Vaneda Vireak.

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It's been 13 years since the disastrous Metahuman Incident of Paradise City, and today, Solomon Webb is a man that has long since retired the spandex and glory of his time as the superhero metahuman sidekick, "Arachnakid." Instead, Solomon has chosen to take on the humble mantle of the Bayside Bakery's part-timer and delivery boy.


Dorm 5 is a comic series created by Keith wts morris and vaneda vireak


6 Years ago, Miranda Marks disappeared along with every other kid in her neighbourhood, only to return 6 months later. Sadly, no one believed their story of just what abducted them and just how Miranda Marks got them all back. Now, Branded a trouble maker Miranda and her loyal Bed Warriors wage a secret war against what goes bump in the night! 

Everyone knows there is no such thing as monsters in your closet. Under your bed, that's a different story altogether!